EORTC CLTF 2014 24-26 Octobre Paris | France

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Past chairman Martine Bagot EORTC CLTF 2014 PARIS

Past Chairman:
Martine Bagot

Following the great success of the second World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas in Berlin in February 2013, it is a great pleasure and honor to host the next EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Task Force meeting in Paris in October 2014.
The field of Cutaneous lymphomas is changing rapidly with the development of new original and more targeted treatments.
The different subtypes of cutaneous lymphomas and their pathophysiology is also subject of numerous research projects. This meeting will review the latest advances relating to cutaneous lymphomas and the clinical practice including new treatments and trials.

All research and clinical groups have worked hard since the previous very successful meeting in Berlin. A great deal of international cooperation has developed.
We are very excited to meet again in Paris to exchange our most recent results and achievements, and to get new ideas in order to better treat our patients.

On behalf of the EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Task Force Board, of the Organizing Scientific Committee and of the French Study Group, I will be delighted to welcome you in Paris and I thank you for your support and participation. I am sure that you will enjoy your stay and the always very friendly atmosphere of the meeting, and I hope that you will also take time to enjoy Paris while you are here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paris for a very exciting congress and an unforgettable educational and enjoyable event.


Best Regards

Martine Bagot

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